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We are looking for a Patient Account Manager / Medical PA Job Description Company description Laser Vision Scotland was established in 2010 and is Scotland’s leading provider of hospital based, multi-site cataract and refractive surgery. We are fully regulated by Health Improvement Scotland’s Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HIS HEI). In addition, our surgeons are regulated and […]

Edinburgh’s Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion set to close

edinburgh princess alexandra eye pavilion

Edinburgh consultant eye surgeon Jonathan Ross offers his view on why optometrists are central to the future of Edinburgh’s ophthalmic healthcare community. The news that Edinburgh’s NHS Eye Pavilion may soon be closing has sent shockwaves through the medical community in Scotland, and through the thousands of grateful patients who have been treated there over the decades.  Opened in 1969, the Edinburgh Eye Pavilion has provided tens of thousands of patients with world class eye care, though in recent […]

How Can Artists Benefit From Wearing Occupational Lenses?

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Some of the world’s greatest artists had visual impairments. Arguably, few are better than known than Leonardo da Vinci, whose condition, ‘intermittent exotropia’, meant that on some occasions, he viewed places, people and things as 2D shapes, as though they were part of a moving canvas. The eye conditions of a plethora of artists ranging from […]

How Will The Eye Care Industry Change In The Era Of New Normality?

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The eye care industry in Scotland has undergone a phased resumption following the initial lockdowns in March. From 13 July onwards, optometry practices were allowed to increase their provision on a needs or symptoms-led basis for emergency and essential eye care; from 3 August, routine eye care in community practices and in patients’ homes resumed; and from […]

Correcting myopia in children

myopia in children

by Optometrist Eleanor Leech My child has developed myopia. I’m wondering if there are any treatments available for children? I don’t mean surgery but any treatments that can stop or limit the effects of short-sightedness? As an Optometrist, this is the most common question asked by parents with myopic children. I’m delighted to say that […]

Vision correction surgery: Why is it so expensive?

vision correction surgery

Choosing to undergo laser eye surgery, lens replacement or cataract surgery is a big decision.From the procedure to after care there are important factors to take into consideration. Firstly, safety. It goes without saying that this is your primary concern.  At Laser Vision Scotland it’s ours too.  Our overriding focus is on safe, accurate and predictable outcomes.  Second, cost. Why […]

Tips to look after your eyes during lockdown

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The last ten weeks have been challenging for everyone but no sector has been greater affected during this time than healthcare. NHS and private hospitals alike have stepped up to the plate to meet the demand created by Covid-19. But unfortunately this hasn’t been without sacrifices. Services of a non-urgent need (albeit urgent for each suffering individual) have seen […]

Cataract surgery after COVID-19 lockdown

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LVS Surgeons speak to the Daily Record about their concerns for cataract surgery after COVID-19 lockdown Laser Vision Scotland Surgeons speak out about the challenges of providing cataract surgery after Covid-19. The ‘new normal’ after lockdown may look very different to the pre lockdown healthcare available in the UK. With ever longer waiting lists in the […]

What is Glaucoma

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What Is Glaucoma and How Is It Treated? Glaucoma is a very common eye condition. It is caused when the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain is damaged by long term raised pressure inside the eye from fluid build up in the front compartment of the eye. If not treated early, glaucoma […]

Why have cataract surgery sooner rather than later?

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Success rates for Cataract surgery are very high compared to other types of surgery, in fact, more than 99 per cent of people have successful cataract surgery. Most people choose to undergo cataract surgery when their vision is compromised by clouding in the lens of the eye. This is a common feature of ageing and […]