Cataract surgery after COVID-19 lockdown

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LVS Surgeons speak to the Daily Record about their concerns for cataract surgery after COVID-19 lockdown

Laser Vision Scotland Surgeons speak out about the challenges of providing cataract surgery after Covid-19. The ‘new normal’ after lockdown may look very different to the pre lockdown healthcare available in the UK. With ever longer waiting lists in the NHS and prioritisation of cancer cases in operating theatres, procedures such as cataract surgery and vision correction are likely to fall further down the waiting list. Theatre cases will also take longer due to increased infection prevention measures, and o/p appointments may also take longer due to social distancing in waiting areas, screening tests and PPE requirements during consultations. For Consultant Ophthalmologists Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr Sanjay Mantry, the outlook for cataract patients is understandably a concern. In the article below, Laser Vision Scotland’s lead surgeons Mr Jonathan Ross and Mr Sanjay Mantry talk to the Daily Record about the measures they’re taking to help their patients during the crisis and once restrictions are lifted. 

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