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What is an Optometrist?

Optometrists are trained to examine the eyes to detect defects in vision, ocular diseases, signs of abnormality or injuries and can also identify problems with a patient’s general health, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. They can offer clinical advice, and refer patients for further treatment. IP optometrists can prescribe medications, when necessary.

Specialist refractive optometrists, like those employed by Laser Vision Scotland are also specially trained to prepare patients for refractive surgery. This includes carrying out all diagnostics tests and scans required for cataract, replacement lens surgery and laser eye surgery. They can provide invaluable advice on lens implants and are also integral in calculating lens prescriptions for surgical patients.

The psychological support optometrists provide is also an invaluable skill of optometrists. They often provide a lot of counselling to patients, supporting anxious patients through surgery and talking through aspects of their history which may make undergoing surgery difficult. They are at the core of our service.
Following surgery, they can independently provide most aspects of aftercare, including examinations, identifying and rectifying complications. They also work closely with community optometrists to provide a seamless patient journey.

Our optometrists

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John T Fox

BSc(Hons) MCOptom

Specialist in refractive cataract surgery and laser eye surgery.

John brings over 30 years experience as an Optometrist to Laser Vision Scotland. John studied in Glasgow at what is now known as Glasgow Caledonian University and moved through to Edinburgh shortly after qualifying. He has developed his breadth of knowledge and skills across a wide range of Optometry practices, with roles ranging from small independents to High Street Multiples. These roles have included supporting, supervising and training of many colleagues and pre-registration students and for several years as a Regional Senior Optometrist. John began assisting surgeons in assessing patients for suitability for refractive surgery and performing post-operative checks in 2003 and joined Laser Vision Scotland’s team in Edinburgh and Stirling in 2019. John has a strong belief in ensuring that patients have their specific needs and concerns addressed and that they know and understand the best possible options available to them.
John is a keen musician, playing the bagpipes, saxophone and other instruments. He enjoys fitness, running and climbing and values quality family time with his wife and two grown up ‘children’ all who enjoy their own skilled and professional careers. He has a strong love and bond with the West Highlands of Scotland and greatly enjoys learning about the range of interests and pastimes of his patients.

Catriona Kennedy

BSc MCOptom Dip Tp (IP)
Catriona studied optometry in Glasgow. After graduating in 2005, she moved to Edinburgh where she worked in independent optometry practices over the next 14 years. During that time she gained an independent prescribing qualification.
In early 2019, she joined the team at Laser Vision Scotland where she assists the surgeons by carrying out initial assessments on patients interested in either cataract surgery or refractive surgery, and providing post-op care.
Catriona is a member of the General Optical Council, the Association of Optometrists and the College of Optometrists. Catriona lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two young daughters. She enjoys running, going for walks with her family, catching up with friends and travelling.
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treatment for posterior capsule opacification

Non invasive diagnostic tests include:

Our specialist refractive optometrist will carry out a detailed consultation to assess the vision correction treatment best suited to your eyes. All tests are non invasive but eye drops will be administered to dilate your pupils.
Your consultation will consist of a detailed discussion about what you’re hoping for, your career/hobbies, ocular health and your general health. Combined with your diagnostic tests, we can then discuss suitable treatment options.

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