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Vision correction surgery: Why is it so expensive?


Choosing to undergo laser eye surgery, lens replacement or cataract surgery is a big decision.From the procedure to after care there are important factors to take into consideration.

Firstly, safety. It goes without saying that this is your primary concern.  At Laser Vision Scotland it’s ours too.  Our overriding focus is on safe, accurate and predictable outcomes. 

Second, cost. Why is vision correction so expensive? After all, the procedure is less than 30 minutes, and the time spent in hospital is less than half a day yet treatment costs several thousand pounds.  In this blog we shall explore the cost of contemporary eye surgery.


At our clinics we use the latest diagnostic, surgical and laser technology.  We select equipment based on current research, personal experience from our network of expert colleagues around Europe, and our knowledge of manufacturers with longitudinal reputations for excellence.  However this all comes at a price.  Our diagnostic equipment in clinic costs almost half a million pounds to buy, service, insure and keep up to date with data protection policies.  In addition our laser and surgical capability cost several times more.

why is vision correction surgery expensive
why is vision correction surgery expensive


We employ a team of dedicated staff whose salaries are covered in our surgical costs.  This includes surgeon (also available 24/7 if needed) fees, theatre nursing staff, ward nursing staff, opticians, diagnostic technicians, our laser technician, laser engineer, administrative staff and housekeeping staff.  It also includes consultation fees for the team which are hidden behind the scenes, including our accountant, marketing manager, legal team, indemnity staff and so on.


We operate out of hospital based ophthalmic units. With this comes modern surgical areas and theatres that are on a par with the best available.  Our Glasgow Edinburgh and Stirling sites are bespoke, offering among the best eye surgery facilities in the UK. 

Continuing Professional Development

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists asks that all doctors carrying out laser eye surgery and refractive surgery should be registered ophthalmologists and have additional specialist training in laser refractive surgery. At Laser Vision Scotland, your laser eye surgery will always be carried out by an experienced Consultant Ophthalmologist who is registered with the General Medical Council and is fully indemnified should something go wrong. In addition it’s necessary for surgeons to undertake continuous professional development and training which ensures you are treated by the country’s most experienced surgeons at the top of their game. 

After care

Our results speak for themselves and we have an outstanding satisfaction rate of 98 percent.  Our complication rates (0.15%) are around ten times lower than the UK benchmark (1.5%).  We receive regular unannounced inspections from the country’s healthcare inspectorate and consistently exceed expectations. After care is also included as standard with your chosen treatment plan.  “We pride ourselves on having the best surgeons, cutting edge technology and first class facilities to offer you the highest possible standards we can,” says Jonathan Ross, Consultant Ophthalmologist.  “To offer our patients this experience we have structured our costs in line with their expectations and our demands”

“We appreciate this is a big investment for our patients and we can talk through all of their questions both surgical and financial,” adds Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Sanjay Mantry.  Laser Vision Scotland also offers a 0% interest payment plan to help you spread the cost of your treatment. So when you’re ready to have your life changing surgery we’ll be here to take you through your journey from beginning to end. 

Following your initial free consultation, the next step is to meet with one of our consultants to find out which type of treatment will provide you with the best results. At this appointment you’ll also meet your surgeon and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

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