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Tips to look after your eyes during lockdown


The last ten weeks have been challenging for everyone but no sector has been greater affected during this time than healthcare. NHS and private hospitals alike have stepped up to the plate to meet the demand created by Covid-19. But unfortunately this hasn’t been without sacrifices. Services of a non-urgent need (albeit urgent for each suffering individual) have seen waiting lists increase, operations cancelled and postponed.  Many health services continue to be restricted, causing worry and frustration to patients and surgeons alike who are keen to return to providing / receiving treatment. Until lockdown is over, it’s more important than ever to take as many preventative steps you can to avoid the need to seek medical help. 

This is particularly relevant in eye care as the proximity required for eye examinations means social distancing is virtually impossible. Therefore, currently only the most serious eye conditions qualify for treatment under the Scottish Government’s guidelines. Conditions such as cataracts and lens replacement surgery will unfortunately have to wait a while longer before reputable healthcare providers will be able to resume care.

This all means it is more important than ever to keep your eyes in optimal health, whether you have perfect vision, or already have cataracts or other concerning conditions, there are ways to keep your eyes safe. 

Our surgeons, Mr Sanjay Mantry and Mr Jonathan Ross spoke to The Daily Record last week to go through their advice for maintaining your eyesight during lockdown. For example, when carrying out your DIY tasks such as drilling, painting or mowing the lawn, always wear protective goggles or spectacles to keep your eyes safe.

Here are their top tips:

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