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Cataract surgery – Which Lens is Right for Me?


Cataract surgery – which lens implant is right for me?

What you once saw as bright colours now seem dull. Your overall vision is blurred and seeing at night has become more difficult. This is a common story from individuals affected by cataract formation- a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. Cataracts keep light and colour from reaching the retina in focus and this results in everything becoming cloudy and dull.

If you choose to have cataract surgery with us here in Edinburgh or Glasgow to improve your vision, one of the questions you now need to ask yourself is ‘how do I feel about wearing glasses after surgery?’ The last 20 year of innovation in eye surgery has seen the development of new lens technology which allows for clear vision at all distances without the need for wearing glasses or contact lenses.

If you are happy to wear glasses, then standard lens implants such as those available with the NHS should be satisfactory for you. However if spectacles do not suit your lifestyle or you simply wish to do away with the inconvenience of needing glasses, it is worth seeing an expert cataract surgeon who uses a full range of lens implant options to decide which implant is right for you.

Factors that will affect your choice of lens include:

  • Your occupation (for example desk based, working outside)
  • Whether you have an astigmatism
  • Hobbies (knitting, card games, watching live sports)
  • Sports you play (golf, rugby, horse riding)
  • Practical considerations (night time driving, daytime driving, reading medicine labels)

What are my lens replacement options?

Monofocal lens

Excellent functional vision and distance visual acuity if you have no astigmatism- Designed to restore distance vision, most patients will need to wear spectacles for certain near and intermediate tasks, such as reading or working at a computer. Monofocal lenses can also be made with astigmatism correction, and are known as toric lenses.

Multifocal lens

Designed to give you a broad range of near, intermediate and distance vision. Multifocal lenses are also available with astigmatism correction.

Trifocal lens

These are the most recent innovations in lens technology. They are similar to multifocal lenses but provide stronger intermediate vision for activities such as computer work.

It is important that you meet with your surgeon prior to treatment to look through your test results together and discuss your expectations and lifestyle. This will allow your consultant to recommend lens options best suited to you. Sanjay Mantry and Jonathan Ross have carried out of 20,000 cataract operations between them and offer a full range of lens implant options. Sanjay provides cataract surgery in Edinburgh and Glasgow, while Jonathan provides treatment in Edinburgh and Stirling.

Laser Vision Scotland will always advise on the most appropriate lens to suit your lifestyle and clinical prescription. A detailed diagnostic assessment is provided to every patient to ensure you are always offered the optimal vision correction solution for you. It is important to note that people with cataracts are not suitable for laser eye surgery.

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