What a cataract looks like to a patient

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We are forever inspired by the kind words offered by patients who have undergone cataract treatment with us when they leave a review or send us thank you cards. Occasionally, we receive gifts that are exceptional, such as this painting and description of what it is like to have a cataract.


Cataract operation

What does the patient see?

It was like being just under the surface of a fast flowing stream, ripples illuminated by blinding sunshine. Onto the rapidly-moving surface, a flower head with double stamens dropped, spread, lifted and dropped again, each flower staying on the retina for seconds of  link-up and then carried away in the stream. The ‘black’ stamens were a transposition of viridian green over cerise, forming a blackish circle each, and centred the ‘flow’ of each spreading flower-head.

This is how it looked for this patient….

A patients painting of what it is like to have a cataract

A description of having a cataract


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