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Laser Vision Scotland is delighted to announce that we’ve recently introduced Scotland’s only privately available ocular ultrasound service. This diagnostic tool allows Laser Vision Scotland to diagnose retinal conditions in patients with severe cataracts, and to image the area of the eye socket just behind the eye. There are several uncommon conditions which benefit from monitoring with eye ultrasound, but the main advantage of eye ultrasound is that we can offer safer treatment to patients with poor vision due to advanced cataracts.

What is Ocular Ultrasonography?

Ophthalmic ultrasonography uses high-frequency sound waves, which are transmitted from a probe placed on the eyelid into the eye. As the sound waves meet intraocular structures, the ultrasound waves bounce back to the probe which converts them into a high resolution images.

It is a quick, simple and painless method of imaging the eye when ophthalmoscopy and clinical examination cannot provide a full picture. This is the case when patients suffer from opacification of the transparent media of the eye (e.g. mature cataract). Ultrasound can be used to check the posterior portion of the eye globe for hidden posterior segment lesions, unsuspected posterior segment disease, retinal, vitreous and choroidal detachments and tumours. This valuable diagnostic tool, performed routinely at Laser Vision Scotland in advanced cataract patients, guides our consultants in the provision of accurate diagnosis of disease, adds clarity in choosing the best treatment route for our patients and allows better pre-surgical planning.

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