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Free Diagnostic Consultation for Laser Eye Surgery


Did you know that Laser Vision Scotland offers all new patients a free, no-obligation diagnostic consultation?

This appointment gives you the opportunity to:

  • Meet the Laser Vision Scotland team
  • Tour the hospital clinic facilities
  • Visit the laser suite if you’re considering laser eye surgery (LASIK / LASEK)
  • Undergo a series of diagnostic tests to get a clearer idea about the best treatment for you
  • Discuss any questions, queries or concerns you may have about treatment
  • Get a better idea about costs of treatment
  • Find out more about the patient journey at Laser Vision Scotland

When you visit, we ask you to complete a questionnaire to get a feel for your background, needs and motivations for your visit.

We then take measurements and perform diagnostic tests, performed by our diagnostic specialist. These tests assess your suitability for all types of surgery. This can consist of :

  • Biometry – measures the axial length of the eyeball from cornea to retina
  • OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) – takes a photograph of the back of the eye and a photographic cross section of a specific very important part of the eye called the macula
  • Autorefraction : an automated refraction which also measures a patients corneal curvature
  • NCT (Non Contact Tonometry) – checking the internal pressure of the eye
  • Specular microscopy – taking a photograph and various measurements of the internal surface of the cornea, the endothelium
  • Pentacam –  creates a map of the front surface of the cornea, measures the thickness and the internal surfaces of the cornea

Our Optometrist, Ashe then goes through the questionnaire to assess your expectations. This is to ensure the treatment offered is always best for your individual lifestyle and needs. She then carries out further tests to understand your refraction (your current prescription), check pupil size and check tear osmolarity (stability and saltiness of the tears). Following this thorough assessment of your visual prescription and needs, the optometrist will talk through all the findings and offer advice on what surgery could achieve and the most likely methods, time frame, recommendations of procedure type.

If you decide you would like to proceed, we can make a full consultation appointment with one of our ophthalmologists, however, there is no obligation to do so and we understand that most patients prefer time to consider what is best for them and we encourage patients to do so. Indeed a number of our patients attend this appointment then return some months later for a consultation with one of our consultant surgeons.

If you would like to book your free, no-obligation diagnostic assessment, contact us or call 0131 654 5611 from Tuesday to Friday 9-5 and we’ll be happy to arrange a convenient time for you.

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