Four things you should know before having laser eye surgery

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We love to hear from our patients after surgery, especially when they’re utterly delighted with their vision. Whether they’ve visited us for cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, lens replacement or chosen the have implantable contact lenses, our previous patients are ideally placed to offer advice to those who are still considering if treatment is right for them.

We regularly put our seasoned patients in touch with new patients so they can offer pearls of wisdom in choosing their provider, how to stay calm during treatment, the best ways to recover after surgery or which treatment they would recommend. Patients usually find it reassuring to speak to someone who has been through the experience so we’re always grateful to patients who are happy to offer advice.

In this Daily Record article, one of our previous laser eye surgery patient’s Melissa shared her experience with our Edinburgh clinic and the four most important things she thinks everyone should know before having laser eye surgery. Read them by clicking on this link to visit the Daily Record website.

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