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How to stay healthy this Christmas – Daily Telegraph article


Laser Vision Scotland’s Jonathan Ross was invited by the Daily Telegraph to give his tips on how to stay healthy this Christmas.

Here is a collection of the advice offered by Mr Ross on his top tips to stay healthy over the festive season, and in to 2018. From all at Laser Vision Scotland, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.

Spending high quality time with the family can protect your eye health.

“It’s difficult to get the kids away from smartphones, and my wife and I are equally as reliant! But it’s important for the our mental health – as well as our eye health – to switch off from technology sometimes and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do that. “We have a four-day ban from Christmas Eve until December 28 – and play board games, do jigsaws and talk to each other instead. It’s amazing the difference it makes.”

Jonathan Ross advises Daily Telegraph readers on how to stay healthy this Christmas
Jonathan Ross advises Daily Telegraph readers on how to stay healthy this Christmas

Change eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight

I was always partial to the odd chocolate bar when my clinic is too busy to take a proper lunch break. Last New Year’s day I started to follow a simple rule – I never deny myself anything but before I eat anything unhealthy, I always eat a piece of fruit. Most of the time that’s enough to stave off the craving. Over the year, cutting out a chocolate bar a day saved me nearly 60,000 calories. That’s equivalent to 17 lbs in weight!

Tip for cataract sufferers:

The dark nights in winter can cause extra strain on the eyes. If you’re over 45 and driving at night, watch out for halo’s around lights and head lights. It’s a tell-tale sign of early cataract formation. If you think it might affect you, visit your optometrist. The condition is easy to treat and despite the public thinking that cataracts have to be ripe before they can be treated, it’s actually easier and safer to remove them before they become ripe. What’s more, you can combine cataract removal with vision correction so not only can you have the cataract removed but you can stop wearing glasses as well. In fact, modern lenses are so advanced that lenses called ‘multifocals’ offer clear vision whether you’re reading close up or focusing on finer details in the long distance.

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