British Oculoplastic Surgery Society Annual meeting

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Work as a consultant eye surgeon includes a substantial commitment to ongoing education and sharing of experience with colleagues on a national level. Most of the work I am now involved in relates to cataract surgery and vision correction surgery, but I have also been closely involved in both reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid surgery (known as Oculoplastic Surgery) over the past 10 years. This work started in 2007 in Glasgow’s Tennent Institute, followed by a period of time in 2009 and 2010 immersed in Oculoplastic Surgery at the Corneo-Plastic Centre in East Grinstead. This is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in Oculoplastics largely due to the dedication and talent of Raman Malhotra with whom I worked closely during this time.

From 13-15 June 2018 I caught up my my friend and colleague Raman Malhotra [pictured] at the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society Annual Meeting in Dublin’s Printworks. This 3 day meeting included a day of detailed revision lectures on topics important to surgery of the upper and lower eyelid, the tear duct and the eye socket. This was followed by two days of lectures on current research projects and expert opinions from guest speakers visiting from Canada and Australia. In addition, breakfast meetings and round table discussion groups allowed surgeons from around the UK a chance to discuss difficult surgical situations face to face and share expertise on solutions. I am particulary grateful to Dr Paul Cauchi for his advice on inflammatory eye problems and Professor Tim Sullivan from Australia who discussed complete eyelid reconstruction. Mr Brian Leatherbarrow provided new insight into aspects of cosmetic facial surgery with Restylane filler. Thank you also to my friend and colleague Mr Jonathan Norris from Oxford for his work on ptosis and blepharoplasty techniques, and for the cycling excursions!

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