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Implantable Lens surgery

Lenses that are implanted in the eye for vision correction without taking the natural lens out.

There are two types of implantable lens : the one in front of the pupil is the artisan or Verysise lens, the most common implantable lens (ICL) is the Visian ICL which is implanted behind the pupil. It is made of synthetic plastic material which is tolerated well in the eye. It is a bit like putting contact lens in the eye.

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Who is suitable for ICL:

Young patients who are unsuitable for laser eye surgery who are myopic (short sighted) and hyperopic (long sighted) with or without astigmatism.

Benefits of ICL:

Implantable lens surgery is highly effective in treating short sighted and long sighted prescriptions. Evidence suggests that 95% patients are satisfied with the procedure. It is a reversible operation.

Toric lens implants

Toric lenses are a great choice of lens implant if you have astigmatism and wish to reduce or eliminate the effect of astigmatism on your vision.

Toric implants can be used for patients who have cataracts, or who need to wear glasses all the time and are interested in vision correction. Toricity can be added to standard lens implants or to multifocal lens implants, allowing significant flexibility of choice for both patient and surgeon.

Toric lenses work by counteracting the effects of astigmatism. Just like the astigmatic cornea, they have a rugby ball shaped lens surface that is positioned by the surgeon inside the eye so that it cancels out the effect of the rugby ball shaped corneal surface.

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Patient journey

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Pre-treatment care:

When you arrive for implantable lens surgery you will see your surgeon again to confirm the consent process, and complete mandatory presurgical safety checks. Patients are normally awake throughout surgery. You will see bright lights, vivid colours and swirling water but will see no detail of what is happening.

Surgery normally takes 10 minutes and while you may experience moments of discomfort (usually due to pressure changes inside your eye) lens surgery is not normally painful. Your surgeon will talk to you during surgery if you wish.

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What happens after

Afterwards you will see straight away though although sight tends to be blurred for a day or two. The clear plastic shield over your eye should be removed the following day so you can start using drops. You can drive once you are able to read a car number plate at 25 paces, and you feel confident to drive.

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After care

The day ward upstairs is a great place to relax for a few hours and we encourage you to bring a family member of friend who will be providing your transport. Refreshments are also provided. We do prefer you to have an empty stomach at the time of treatment, so please avoid food/drink for 2-3 hours before surgery.

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