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How Will The Eye Care Industry Change In The Era Of New Normality?

eye care in scotland with covid-19

The eye care industry in Scotland has undergone a phased resumption following the initial lockdowns in March. From 13 July onwards, optometry practices were allowed to increase their provision on a needs or symptoms-led basis for emergency and essential eye care; from 3 August, routine eye care in community practices and in patients’ homes resumed; and from […]

Cataract surgery after COVID-19 lockdown

cataract advisory service in glasgow

LVS Surgeons speak to the Daily Record about their concerns for cataract surgery after COVID-19 lockdown Laser Vision Scotland Surgeons speak out about the challenges of providing cataract surgery after Covid-19. The ‘new normal’ after lockdown may look very different to the pre lockdown healthcare available in the UK. With ever longer waiting lists in the […]