Laser assisted cataract surgery

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Laser Vision Scotland brings you the next generation in cataract surgery.

Laser assisted cataract surgery is similar to cataract removal but the whole procedure is carried out blade and needle free.

The use of Femtosecond laser allows three significant stages of the procedure (Corneal incision, anterior capsulotomy and cataract fragmentation) to be carried out with the use of laser technology. The addition of laser and absence of blades & needles has been shown in studies to aid precision of location, depth and length of incisions and allow reproducibility and consistency with pre-surgical plans.

It is important to be rest assured that the standard cataract procedure carried out at Laser Vision Scotland is performed to an exceptional standard with results significantly above the national average for safety and complication rates far below acceptable limits. Ask your surgeon if you would benefit from laser  assisted cataract removal.

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