Daily Record talks to LVS Consultant, Mr Jonathan Ross

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The Daily Record recently interviewed Mr Jonathan Ross about his responsible approach to vision correction surgery. Read here why Mr Ross turns patients away from laser eye surgery.


Most of us take good vision for granted, enjoying being able to play sports, read books and scroll through Instagram without blinking an eye.

But for the thousands of people who suffer from poor sight, there can be daily complications, irritations and struggles to deal with.

That’s why many glasses wearers now turn to surgery in a bid to improve their vision and make life easier – but did you know that laser eye surgery isn’t always the right answer?

In fact, one leading eye surgery based in Edinburgh and Glasgow admits they turn away around 30 per cent of patients who are interested in the corrective procedure.

Here, we spoke to Jonathan Ross, a specialist in refractive cataract surgery and laser eye surgery at Laser Vision Scotland, to find out more.

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