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First Corneal Graft at Shawfair Park

First corneal transplant carried out at Shawfair Park

At the end of November, Dr Sanjay Mantry completed the first corneal graft surgery at Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh. The procedure was a great success, and Dr Mantry hopes news of the surgery can spread awareness of the importance of signing up to cornea donation. “Corneal graft surgery is life-changing, “ said Dr Mantry, […]

Exceptional optometrists should work for exceptional companies

Mr Sanjay Mantry talks about laser eye surgery

Job vacancy Refractive Hospital Optometrist – Edinburgh We are excited to provide an exceptional opportunity for a talented and ambitious and qualified optometrist in Edinburgh. Laser Vision Scotland optometrists form a core role within our refractive team. This diverse and rewarding appointment includes initial diagnostic assessment and preoperative counselling of laser vision correction patients and […]

Experience vision with cataracts with the Fred Hollows Foundation

Cataracts site simulator from Fred Hallows foundation

This month, the Laser Vision Scotland blog is focusing on The Fred Hollows Foundation. The foundation came about through the lifes work of its namesake. Amongst its work, the foundation have developed a sight simulator so anyone can experience vision with cataracts, glaucoma or retinopathy. Read on for a look into Fred Hollows incredible life […]

The Corneal Infection that is Ten Times more Common in the UK

Acanthamoeba keratitis is ten times more prevalent in the UK

Acanthamoeba Keratitis (AK) is an infection of the cornea that is caused by a microorganism called Acanthamoeba which is quite commonly found in most natural water bodies as well as in taps, swimming pools, and hot tubs. Some symptoms of this inflammation of the cornea include problems with vision and extreme pain in the eyes. […]

‘Blind’ TV camera-man from Edinburgh gets his eyesight back

John has life changing surgery with Mr Sanjay Mantry

John, a cameraman from Edinburgh had suffered from poor vision for years. Cataracts left him with vision bad enough to be registered blind. He visited Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Sanjay Mantry who restored his vision to that of a 21 year old. As a cameraman filming some of the world’s best known figures in the arts world, […]

Seven Ways to Look After Your Eyes This Winter

7 ways to look after your eyes by Mr Sanjay Mantry

Have you ever experienced itchiness or extra tears in your eyes during the colder months? If yes, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Sanjay Mantry tells us how to look after our eyes in the colder months. People think that the only protection they need to give their eyes […]

The Daily Record’s Favourite Eye Clinic in Scotland

Laser Vision Scotland's Sanjay Mantry in theatre

The Daily Record looks at Laser Vision Scotland’s credentials as Scotland’s favourite cataract clinic. With more more than 27,000 cataract surgeries under our belt, capsule rupture rates that are seven times safer than the national average and an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, it’s clear to see why Laser Vision Scotland is their choice of eye clinic […]

Free Cataract Surgery Information Event

Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Sanjay Mantry

***Due to popular demand, we have two cataract information events on November 3rd. Please choose the event at the time that suits you best**** Cataract Surgery Information Events Consultant Ophthalmologist: Mr Sanjay Mantry & Mr Jonathan Ross Date: Saturday 3rd November Time: 10am – 12noon OR 1pm – 3pm Venue: Royal College of Surgeons of […]

Cataracts: Fact vs. Fiction

cataract surgery consultation

Developing cataracts is a natural part of ageing. By the age of 80, more than half of us will have experienced cataract related symptoms. Injuries, medication and illnesses such as diabetes increase our chance of developing cataracts. Even lifestyle factors, such as whether you smoke or have an unhealthy diet can promote cataract development. The […]

Cataract surgery: Don’t Leave it Too Late

Safe laser eye surgery in scotland

The Scotsman newspaper talks to Mr Jonathan Ross about cataract surgery and the importance of acting early to prevent the onset of mature cataracts. He discusses how spiralling demands for cataract removal surgery on the NHS could lead to longer waiting times to be treated. Now, leading cataract surgeon, Mr Jonathan Ross, is urging Scots […]