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10 facts about laser eye surgery

  1. Laser eye surgery is not a cosmetic procedure and it is not a medically necessary procedure. Most patients who undergo laser eye surgery wish to avoid the use of spectacles or contact lenses because it does not suit their occupation, lifestyle or sporting interests. Fort his reason we classify laser eye surgery as a lifestyle intervention.
  2. Most patients over the age of forty who attend hospital for laser eye surgery assessment are more suitable for a non-laser procedure to correct their vision. This usually involves refractive lens exchange with a multifocal or trifocal lens implant, but it may involve a semi-permanent implantable contact lens, or a corneal implant.
  3. Laser eye surgery is not painful. Laser eye surgeon Jonathan Ross has undergone treatment himself (for shortsightedness) and confirms this! The usual experience of laser eye surgery is to feel nothing at all except for cold water on your face. You might however feel discomfort or pain during the first few days after laser eye surgery, while the eye is healing. The wearing of a temporary contact lens for a few days minimises this discomfort.
  4. Laser eye surgery is fast. With modern laser technology such as the Wavelight EX500 at Laser Vision Scotland, the average time per laser treatment is now 10 seconds.
  5. Most of the fear about laser eye surgery is fear of the unknown. This is why our patients are offered a tour of the laser accompanied by their surgeon at the initial consultation, and are also given the opportunity to watch a video of what it is like to undergo laser. You can find this on our Facebook page. Once you are familiar with the laser and the procedure, you will feel much more relaxed and positive on the day of your treatment.
  6. Laser eye surgery is extremely safe. The chance of a significant problem is approximately one in a thousand, and most problems can be effectively treated if they are detected at an early stage.
  7. You can undergo laser eye surgery from as young as 18 years of age, though we normally ask patients to wait until they are 21 years old.
  8. 20/20 is not the best vision possible! Most of our patients achieve a better result than this, with some achieving vision as good as 20/10.
  9. Laser eye surgery isn’t as expensive as you think. It is available with 0% interest free credit over 10 months, and is potentially followed by a lifetime free from spectacles and contact lenses. This often results in an overall gain!
  10. You should always know your surgeon before undergoing laser eye surgery. Your surgeon should have had the chance to talk to you, understand the details of your case, and you should have directly established a means of getting back in touch with him or her after treatment in case of any concerns.


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